Have your say on renewable energy and transmission infrastructure

The VFF is preparing a submission to Victorian Transmission Investment Framework (VTIF) Preliminary Design Consultation Paper. 

We have repeatedly called for a statewide plan for renewable energy, transmission and distribution in a way that is fair and affordable. 

The VFF called for consultation on where Renewable Energy Zones are and how they balance other land use and policy priorities – such as farming.

The proposed framework is a partial step towards a timely co-ordination of investment in transmission, generation and storage infrastructure across Victoria.  It seeks to better integrate land use considerations, environmental impacts and community views into the planning process.

The Victorian Government wants feedback to help provide more certainty to investors, industry and local communities.

The VFF will continue to highlight our concerns and put forward solutions to government including:

  • Review of renewable energy zones applied to strategic agricultural land;
  • Under-grounding of new infrastructure using crown land and existing linear infrastructure corridors;
  • Where access to farms cannot be avoided ensuring legislative requirements for land access agreements including biosecurity issues, commercial consent and rehabilitation schemes for energy infrastructure on farms, and
  • The improvement of the energy distribution system so every Victorian can access phased power.

We encourage you to make your voice heard in this consultation, and we will be providing further details on how farmers can make a brief or detailed submission – and what views should be included.

If you have examples that will help inform the VFF submission please contact Senior Policy Advisor Lisa Gervasoni directly by email – [email protected]