High Productivity Freight Policy Passed

The VFF has developed a new High Productivity Freight Policy after a rigorous discussion and consultation at the VFF’s recent June Policy Council.

The policy advocates for removing barriers for farmers wishing to move to high productivity freight vehicles.

High productivity freight vehicles have the potential to substantially improve freight efficiency, increase safety and reduce emissions, but there are key issues impeding greater uptake.

VFF Transport and Infrastructure Committee Chair Ryan Milgate said the adopted policy focusses on a number of key barriers identified by operators.

“We’ve had a deep dive and really identified three key areas that are hindering the adoption. These are red tape, network access issue and prohibitive costs of the permit process.”

“While pbs won’t be appropriate for all farmers, we want to ensure it’s fit for purpose for agriculture and those who want to participate.”

You can click here to view the VFF’s High Productivity Freight Policy.