Inquiry into Future Drought Fund launched

The Productivity Commission has launched an inquiry into the Future Drought Fund that will examine the effectiveness, efficiency and appropriateness of its activities.

The Future Drought Fund provides secure, continuous funding for programs, grants and arrangements that support Australian farmers and associated communities to prepare for, and become more resilient to, the impacts of future droughts.

The VFF is interested in hearing the feedback of farmers and local communities to help inform our response to the review in line with our Drought Policy Statement. VFF members and stakeholders are welcome to contact the VFF Policy Team by email [email protected] to arrange further discussions.

The Productivity Commission plans to release a paper calling for submissions and comments to the Inquiry. Individuals and organisations providing submissions or comments should provide evidence to support their views, including data and specific examples where possible. This paper is expected to be released in January 2023. Initial submissions are due by March 2023. Further information about the inqury, including the terms of reference can be found here.