Animal health, welfare and biosecurity on the Stock Sense agenda

Media Releases » Animal health, welfare and biosecurity on the Stock Sense agenda

The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) is excited to launch our new Stock Sense Project which aims to help improve animal health and welfare and on-farm biosecurity in Victoria’s livestock industry.

VFF Stock Sense is open to all Victorian livestock farmers and peri-urban landholders. It provides access to a dedicated support team, important information and events to further establish the Victorian livestock industry as a leader in animal health, welfare and on-farm biosecurity.

VFF Livestock President Steve Harrison encouraged livestock farmers to participate in the initiative.

“The Stock Sense Project will work with Victorian livestock producers to adopt animal health and production practices that improve animal welfare and Victoria’s biosecurity status.”

“We’re looking to engage with farmers to provide the best quality information such as preparing for and managing endemic and exotic diseases, biosecurity practices that protect your farm and the livestock supply chain as well as obligations and requirements for livestock ownership.”

“This is a valuable resource for all Victorian cattle, sheep and goat producers and will help progress our industry as a leader in the areas of animal health, welfare and biosecurity,” Mr Harrison said.

Stock Sense will be holding a webinar on Tuesday 26 October at 12:00pm focussing on developing a biosecurity plan and the threat of an emergency animal disease outbreak to livestock producers.  Producers are encouraged to attend. Further information is available on the VFF website at

Stock Sense is funded by the Cattle Compensation fund and the Sheep and Goat Compensation fund and is delivered by the VFF Livestock Group.