Build it and the trains will come

Media Releases » Build it and the trains will come

The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) Grains Group President Ashley Fraser said data revealed yesterday on the heavy use of the reinstated Rainbow-Dimboola rail line proves the case for further investment in the Murray Basin Rail Project.

Heavy use of the reinstated Rainbow-Dimboola rail line demonstrates the high demand for rail freight from the grains industry in the Wimmera and Mallee regions.

“We know the demand is there, industry knows the demand is there and here is the government’s data demonstrating the demand is there. All that is required is a willingness to get on with the job,” Mr Fraser said.

“If they (the Victorian Government) build it, absolutely, the trains will come.”

Yesterday the Victorian Government recognised the need to invest in rail freight with Victorian freight volumes expected to triple by 2051 putting even more pressure on regional Victoria’s crumbling road network.

“The government should heed their own message in this case – improvements to Victoria’s regional rail freight network will take trucks off roads resulting in lower freight costs and better road maintenance and safety outcomes,” Mr Fraser said.

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