Buy locally grown flowers this Mother’s Day

Media Releases » Buy locally grown flowers this Mother’s Day

 The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) is calling on consumers to support local flower growers and ask where their flowers come from this Mother’s Day. 

Amidst a turbulent past year for the local flower industry, with COVID-19 related wedding cancellations and a last-minute lockdown during Valentine’s Day, demand for locally grown flowers has surged as international border restrictions continue to limit overseas flower imports. 

VFF President Emma Germano said the demand has been a silver lining during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Typically the value of Victorian grown flowers is around $69 million each year. In the past 12 months, that’s skyrocketed to over $106 million.” 

“Every dollar spent on locally grown flowers flows back into regional Victoria and helps us to build a stronger economy.” 

“Many consumers would assume the flowers they buy are locally grown and that’s not always the case.” 

“Around half of our flowers before COVID-19 border restrictions came from overseas, from far away locations in Africa, South America and parts of Asia.” 

“We’re encouraging people to ask where their flowers come from so they can be confident they are supporting Aussie farmers and local jobs this Mother’s Day,” Ms Germano said. 

Victoria accounts for 60% of Australia’s flower production has and the industry has been hugely impacted by recent volatility. 

“With border closures still impacting imports, our local flower industry has been run off their feet to make sure every Australian can buy locally grown flowers this Mother’s Day.” 

In previous years up to 50% of flowers have been imported. With domestic flowers currently making up over 80% of the industry, the VFF is asking consumers to make sure they ask where their flowers come from to continue their strong support of locally grown flowers.