Delivering for agriculture must prevail over petty politics

Media Releases » Delivering for agriculture must prevail over petty politics

The Victorian Farmers Federation is demanding candidates and parties contesting the 2018 state election start delivering for agriculture and growing our communities.

The call coincides with the launch of the VFF’s new campaign website, which reinforces key state election asks and platforms ahead of polling day on 24 November. These include:

  • a commitment to implement a fair and equitable rates system;
  • $6.2 billion for fit-for-purpose roads;
  • $155 million for a long-term energy plan;
  • $600 million for improved telecommunications; and
  • a science-based, practical approach to regulation.

VFF President David Jochinke said it was time for all election candidates to heed calls to start delivering for farmers, their communities and a sector which contributes so much to the state’s economy and wellbeing.

“Just 12 weeks out from the election, candidate responses to calls to deliver for agriculture have left a lot to be desired. VFF is saying ‘Enough is Enough’!” said Mr Jochinke.

“It’s all well and good to announce localised projects and upgrades that tinker around the edges, but we are after big-ticket commitments and genuine vision.

“VFF is sick of the lack of long-term vision from politicians for a sector which contributes more than $13 billion to Victoria’s economy, and we’re sick of the political in-fighting.

“The last week has served as a timely reminder to all politicians and elected officials – we are voted in to serve our constituents, not to fulfil our own needs and leadership dreams. The last thing we want is to see the federal fiasco spilling over into state politics. Farmers, like all businesses, need certainty and a politically stable environment to underpin confidence and investment.

“If farmers behaved the way some of our political leaders do at work, Victorians and Australians wouldn’t eat. There would be no food or fibre to squabble over.

“We need decent roads, and we need a fair rates system which doesn’t threaten to rate farmers out of existence. We need a long-term energy plan and we need access to proper healthcare and telecommunications.

“Sadly, in Victoria, we are yet to see much from the candidates looking to fill the 48 rural and regional electorates and regions. Their constituents including our members, Victoria’s farmers, are eagerly waiting for parties to turn their attention beyond the CBD, to deliver for agriculture and grow communities.”

Media Contacts:
David Jochinke, Victorian Farmers Federation President, 0427 834 524
Andrew MacDonald, Stakeholder Media & Communications Advisor, 0418 282 875