Farmers give Nillumbik pointed spray

Media Releases » Farmers give Nillumbik pointed spray

The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) is calling out Nillumbik Council’s anti-farming plan to ban the use of barbed wire and glyphosate. 

VFF President Emma Germano said that barbed wire stopped cattle and sheep getting on roads, protecting public safety. 

“Barbed wire fencing stops cattle and sheep getting through fencing and ending up on roads, it’s that simple.” 

“Many farmers opt to put a barbed wire on their perimeter fences for just that purpose, to protect public safety. Nillumbik’s proposal is reactionary and poorly thought out.” 

“We don’t want to see cattle wandering the streets of Eltham or Hurstbridge at night, that’s a car or train crash waiting to happen,” Ms Germano said. 

In a snub to Victoria’s grain and horticulture farmers and best available science, Nillumbik Council are also proposing a ban on the sale of glyphosate in the council. 

“Australia has a rigorous, independent and science-based regulation process undertaken by the APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority).” 

“Farmers aren’t telling councils how to pick up rubbish so they shouldn’t be telling farmers how to care for our crops,” Ms Germano added. 

The VFF urges Nillumbik Council to support its local farming community and reject these proposals.