Farmers gutted by Agriculture Victoria job cuts

Media Releases » Farmers gutted by Agriculture Victoria job cuts

The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) says reports that 145 jobs will be cut from Agriculture Victoria makes it harder for farmers to meet community expectations.

VFF President Emma Germano said the decision is a backwards step for Agriculture in Victoria.

“The move comes at a time when agriculture and regional Victoria are facing significant challenges in the face of a changing climate, supply chain challenges and the ever-present risk of natural disasters,” Ms Germano said.

Ms Germano added the move has the potential to undermine the progress made to support Victorian farmers.

“So much work has been done to build the research and development capacity of Agriculture Victoria to support the resilience of our farmers. Our department staff are world class and essential to support the future of our young farmers as they adapt to climate change. It’s absolutely preposterous that the Government is prepared to walk from that.”

“This is a time when agriculture has absolutely underpinned the economic resilience of Victoria, when other industries have been shattered.”

“We try to work constructively with the government of the day, but when they tear the guts of out the Ag Department, it is further evidence to me that the Andrew’s Government has no respect for the food and fibre producers of this State,” Ms Germano said.