Farmers left in the dark over transmission line plan

Media Releases » Farmers left in the dark over transmission line plan

The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) has demanded the Victorian Government urgently clarify the rights of farmers set to be impacted by the huge expansion of Victoria’s electricity transmission infrastructure.

VFF President Emma Germano said despite the government’s offer of landholder payments for impacted landholders, farmers deserved the right to a fair compensation process and the ability to have access to any documents that determine the transmission process as well as avenues to appeal transmission lines on their private property.

“We’re demanding the Victorian government urgently clarify on what grounds farmers can appeal, how they can gain access to the materials needed to appeal and who they will appeal to. Regulatory oversight must be independent and transparent.”

“The future of farmers and communities along the hundreds of kilometres of new powerlines is incredibly unclear. We need to know whether the government has decided to steamroll through these projects and what that means.”

Ms Germano said despite numerous meetings with the Victorian Government, including as recently as this week, farmers and the community remained in a perilous position.

“The VFF has been calling on decision makers to prepare for the gradual and fair transition to renewable energy and infrastructure since 2019.”

“The reality that we’re now forced to choose between turning the lights on or enjoying produce from some of Victoria’s best agricultural regions is not good enough,” Ms Germano said.

The VFF will continue to seek further information from the Victorian Government regarding this issue.