On the spot fines a positive first step towards protecting farmers

Media Releases » On the spot fines a positive first step towards protecting farmers

The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) is pleased the Victorian Government has accepted a recommendation to introduce on the spot fines for animal activists who invade farms, but the proposed changes do not do enough to protect farmers.

VFF Vice President Emma Germano said the VFF strongly advocated for the introduction of on the spot fines and supports further protections for farmers to enhance their safety and deter the illegal activity of animal activists.

“A farmer’s farm is their home. We want the laws and penalties that apply to a home invasion in Melbourne to apply to our homes in the country.”

“Everyone deserves to feel safe in their home and the Government should respect and protect this.”

“We want the Victorian Government to implement what they have done in NSW by issuing $1,000 on the spot fines for activists illegally entering farms and penalties up to $440,000 for groups and corporations”, Ms Germano said.

“Currently, it’s entirely possible, even likely, that trespassers could still be issued fines as low as $1, just as we saw occur last year at the Gippy Goat Café and farm.”

“We need to safeguard our farmers by ensuring our current laws are preventing and deterring activists from trespassing on farms. As long as we have such trivial penalties the laws won’t be having the desired impact,” Ms Germano said.

The VFF will continue to fight for increased protections for farmers from illegal animal activists.