Regional roads left crumbling as Games cash goes elsewhere

Media Releases » Regional roads left crumbling as Games cash goes elsewhere

The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) says it was a missed opportunity to not redirect any money from the cancelled 2026 Commonwealth Games to Victoria’s crumbling regional road network.

VFF President Emma Germano welcomed the funds from the $2.6 billion earmarked for hosting the Games being spent in regional Victoria, but says it was a mistake to not spend any on our crumbling regional roads.

“Our country roads are the lifelines of regional Victoria, supporting the backbone of our regional economy. Redirecting funds to fixing these roads would have made sense and would have delivered a benefit to every regional Victorian.”

“Time and time again our roads have been left to crumble and now the only legacy the Andrews Government risks being remembered for in regional communities is the neglect of country roads.”

Noting the Victorian Government’s commitment to provide funding for sporting infrastructure, social housing and tourism, Ms Germano said the government has a responsibility to deliver positive outcomes for all regional Victorians.

“Sports stadiums in Bendigo, Ballarat and Geelong are little comfort to regional Victorians stuck on the side of the road with a bent wheel and blown out tyre.”

“Tourists won’t visit regional Victoria if it has a reputation for having the worst roads in the country.”

“Our broken country roads are compounding cost of living concerns for all Victorians who are facing unexpected and unbudgeted repair bills to keep their cars on the road.”

“The additional costs to farmers and transporters is only adding to the cost of doing business and the cost of food on the supermarket shelves.”

“Daniel Andrews has let slip a golden opportunity to make a difference to regional Victoria pass by. Real investment in country roads would have had a tangible impact for everyone and the VFF will keep pushing for regional Victoria’s fair share of road funding,” Ms Germano said.