Victorian pork producers pay it forward

Media Releases » Victorian pork producers pay it forward

An initiative by the VFF is seeing Victorian pork producers ‘paying it forward’ by donating hundreds of kilograms of high quality pork to FareShare to feed Victorian families experiencing food insecurity.

FareShare is Australia’s largest charity kitchen that cooks and distributes thousands of meals a day for Victorians in need. The 250 kilos of pork donated to FareShare will be incorporated into over 2,000 meals per week.

“The VFF Pig Group is proud to partner with FareShare to deliver thousands of meals enriched with fresh Australian pork each week leading up to Christmas” said Tim Kingma, Victorian Farmers Federation Pig Group President.

“The Victorian pig industry is suffering due to a significant oversupply of pigs in the market, causing a dramatic price drop at the farm gate. In many cases, the farm gate prices are well below the cost of production.

“While the present oversupply of pork is negatively impacting Victorian pig farmers, many felt compelled to help those struggling to put food on the table by redirecting some of their excess pork to those who need it the most” said Mr Kingma.

The pig donation drive is made possible by pig producers and the local processing industry working together to donate fresh pork.

“If we can encourage Victorians to add one extra fresh pork meal a week to your shopping trolley, it will go a long way to helping our pig industry,” said Mr Kingma, “The more pork Victorian’s get on their fork, the more it will boost demand and reduce the current oversupply of pigs.”

All fresh pork available in Australian supermarkets and butchers is produced in Australia. Look for the pink Australian Pork logo so you can eat delicious Australian pork produced by Australian farmers.

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