National Class 3 Drought Assistance Dimension Exemption Notice

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The National Class 3 Drought Assistance Dimension Exemption Notice 2023 (No.1) has been published in the Commonwealth Gazette under the Heavy Vehicle National Law.

The renewed notice commences today contains the same conditions, requirements, and access as the existing notice.

The notice exempts eligible vehicles from complying with certain dimension requirements when transporting specified commodities for consumption by livestock in declared drought affected areas. This will allow Victorian farmers to operate Road Trains carting hay bales and grain on eligible combinations.

HayDoes not exceed 4.6mDoes not exceed 2.83m wide Does not exceed 79.5tOperator complies with the conditions detailed in Victoria’s Road Train policy – including the minimum axle spacings outlined in the policy
GrainDoes not exceed 4.3mDoes not exceed 2.5mDoes not exceed 36.5mdoes not exceed 85.5t (HML) 

The Victoria’s Permit Road Train Hay & Grain Network is available in an interactive map by clicking here.

The pro-active reactivation of the Notice has been supported by the Victorian government with the understanding that NSW and Queensland are beginning to experience drought conditions and that livestock will be reliant on Victorian grain and hay.

VFF Transport and Infrastructure Committee Chair Ryan Milgate has welcomed the Government’s decision of the renewal. 

“As we’ve seen previously during the 18/19 drought, the exemption notice and establishment of the Victoria’s Permit Road Train Hay & Grain Network proved to be of great benefit to farmers. The renewal will continue to allow Victorian hay and grain to reach declared drought affected areas across the country.”