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Mitsubishi Motors partnership with the Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) is driven by a shared commitment to building a supportive and innovative future. Mitsubishi Motors has a storied history in Australia dating back to 1980, with decades of manufacturing, vehicle innovation and providing Australian consumers with reliable and versatile vehicles that have become an integral part of the nation’s automotive landscape. By partnering with VFF, Mitsubishi Motors aim to provide tailored vehicle solutions that support the needs of VFF members, contributing to the growth and success of this important industry in Australia.

National Fleet pricing with Mitsubishi Diamond Advantage (10/10) is offered to all VFF members subject to terms and conditions* for all eligible new Mitsubishi Motors vehicles. (Available during partnership term of 01/09/23 – 31/08/24 not in conjunction with any other offer).

For more information and to discuss how Mitsubishi Motors can help your organisation, contact Richard Bandiera at [email protected] or 0408 333 489.

*Terms & Conditions

National Fleet Pricing is available with Diamond Advantage Warranty and Capped price servicing subject to terms and conditions which can be found here: