People power: sign our transmission petition

We’ve launched a petition to the Victorian Parliament calling for the VNI West and Western Renewables Link transmission projects to be stopped.

Help us deliver a message to government that these projects must be stopped and reassessed, before it’s too late.

By signing this petition, you’ll support us to highlight:

  1. The Victorian Government’s failure to adequately plan for the transition to renewable energy and the requirement for new transmission infrastructure;
  2. The negative impacts that poorly planned transmission infrastructure will have on food and fibre production and regional communities;
  3. The appalling treatment of farmers and regional communities and failed consultative approaches undertaken by energy authorities and the government.

It will be used to request that the Legislative Assembly calls on the Victorian Government to:

  1. Immediately stop all activities related to the planning and construction of the Western Renewables Link and VNI-West transmission projects;
  2. Rescind the planning powers of the Australian Energy Market Operator and take full responsibility for planning of transmission infrastructure;
  3. Develop a state-wide plan for transmission infrastructure that protects agricultural production and the rights of landowners.