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Support for Industry Climate Change Actions

It is clear that farmers understand the need to take practical action which understands the carbon cycle and agriculture’s long history of investment in science based production systems.

Promoting the proactive stance of agriculture in relation to climate change is critical to achieving appropriate regulation and programs from government that support agriculture utilising technology such as GPS agriculture as well as developing simple biodiversity certification systems that provide an income stream for farmers who take actions to sequester other sector emissions.

During 2020 VFF has been working with NFF in the farm biodiversity certification scheme to help ensure that farmers have access to simple schemes which give a financial reward to farming – rather than regulatory approaches that transfer the cost of climate change mitigation from the emitter to agriculture.

In September 2020, the VFF Policy Council agreed to revise and renew the VFF’s climate policy that puts the long-term interests of farm businesses first. VFF members will be invited to take part in this policy making process through a number of formats including a survey and online forums.

VFF Climate Change Policy
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For further information about the VFF’s climate policy and advocacy, VFF members can call the VFF Policy Team on 1300 882 833 or email [email protected].

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