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Call for a Strategic Plan on Renewable Energy

The VFF is supportive of farming being able to take proactive actions on farm to generate their energy needs where this has little impact on farming or neighbours.

VFF also understands that society needs affordable and reliable energy and not everyone can generate on site.

The VFF’s renewable energy position calls for the state to create a strategic plan for renewable energy – including areas where it may not be suited (such as irrigated farm land); how to consider the loss of productive land from both the ‘footprint’ but any transmission system; how to improve distribution systems (upgrade SWER lines) and a simple formula for ‘no permit’, permit, or requires rezoning.

Western Victoria Transmission Network

The Victorian Farmers Federation is supporting its members impacted by the proposed Western Victoria Transmission Network Project. To learn more about our work, visit our campaign page:

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For further information and advice about the VFF’s renewable energy advocacy, VFF members can call the VFF Policy Team on 1300 882 833 or email [email protected].

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