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Protecting Agricultural Land

The VFF is working to ensure planning, environment and other regulatory systems do not adversely impact the ongoing and productive use of farmland or the ability of farmers to use new productions systems, technology or genetics.

VFF advocacy and submissions to government in relation to these issues are underpinned by the ‘Right to Farm’ policy statement, as well as topic specific positions such as ‘renewable energy’ and ‘native vegetation’. These policies are found at the bottom of the land management page.

Included in the ‘Right to Farm’ position is the need for a planning system that:

  • Not only protects agricultural land but facilitates growth in production through support of modern farming systems
  • Ensures farmers right to farm is not eroded by secondary uses which create land use conflict
  • Does not adversely impact the future growth of farming enterprises through non-agricultural land uses (including dwellings not used in conjunction with agriculture) and fragmentation by subdivisions
  • Ensure that overlay controls have considered impacts on agricultural use and are designed with the purpose of the zone.

Urban uses should be located on urban land and any secondary use needs to demonstrate it will not impact on agricultural use. Buying land ‘cheap’ to dump clean or contaminated soil, build a 2000 seat place of worship or hold large functions all have the potential to have significant impact on the ability to continue farming.

The VFF is also calling for the state government to reinstate the Vendor Statement notice (Section 32 Statement of the Sale of Land Act) to advise buyers moving into a farming area about exposure to noise, smell and dust normally produced by agricultural activities.

Planning for Melbourne’s Green Wedges and agricultural land is on exhibition until 5 February 2021. Find out more about this process at Engage Victoria.

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For further information and advice about the VFF’s right to farm advocacy, VFF members can call the VFF Policy Team on 1300 882 833 or email [email protected].

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