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Securing Our Energy Future

To be competitive in international markets, farm businesses need reliable and affordable energy. Farms are major users of energy. Pumps, tractors, cool storage, heating and harvesting activities all need energy to operate.

The VFF’s long term approach is to secure agriculture’s energy future at affordable prices and reliability to underpin a thriving agriculture sector.

Within the intensive industries in particular, reliability is more than an economic issue. The lack of energy caused by blackouts has the potential to cause animal welfare issues.

The VFF is working with a number of parties, both government and non-government, to give industry options on both the price and the source of its energy. The VFF developed the farming cooperative RICL over 25 years ago to ensure gas access at a reasonable price for large users.

The VFF also supports targeted programs that assist farm businesses in adopting new energy efficiency practices or investing in clean energy to lower their power bills, improve productivity and reduce emissions.

VFF Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Policy

Agriculture Energy Investment Plan

Our work has led to the implementation of the Victorian Government’s Agriculture Energy Investment Plan. Under this program, farmers are eligible to apply for a dollar for dollar matching grant to assist them in upgrading their energy systems. To find out more please visit the Agriculture Victoria website.

Business Energy Advice Program

Farm businesses can access free energy advice through the Business Energy Advice Program (BEAP), which is sponsored by the Commonwealth Government. To find out more please visit the BEAP website.

Further Information

For further information about the VFF’s energy policy and advocacy, VFF members can call the VFF Policy Team on 1300 882 833 or email [email protected].

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