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Fair Rules for all Water Users

The VFF supports efficient water markets with clearly defined rules that are fair and understood by all water users.

The VFF supports changes to water market rules to expose large water traders who try to manipulate the market – in fact, we have put forward 20 recommendations to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to improve water market transparency

The VFF has argued that like the stock exchange, when market participants own a certain percentage, they must disclose their shareholdings.

Irrigators need confidence that there is no excessive market power operating in the market and they need confidence the market is not being gamed by large traders.

However, the VFF opposes a situation where the private information of all farm water owners is placed on a public register and we believe a balance must be struck between privacy and transparency.

Making personal information public will expose farmers across the state to animal rights activists as well as environmental groups who oppose irrigated agriculture and want to examine irrigators’ water use and individual farms’ efficiency.

There is also a risk that irrigators will be targeted by water brokers and speculators who will be able to see individual account balances and potentially take advantage of more vulnerable farmers sitting on a zero balance when they need more water.

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