Registration for safe strorage and use of waste tyres for silage production

There is less than one week for you to make sure you are compliant with the law and register tyres used in silage production.

From Saturday 1 July 2023, farmers need to hold a no-cost registration (B04) if they are using and/or storing 5m3 (approximately the size of a small skip bin) or more of waste tyres as weights for silage production.  

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA), with input from the VFF, Agriculture Victoria, Dairy Australia, and the CFA has developed a new registration and guide for farmers to help manage and minimise fire risk associated with the storage and use of waste tyres for silage production in Victoria.   

Farmers can apply for a registration (B04) with EPA from 3 April to use and store waste tyres for silage production on their properties. 

Applying to register your waste tyres online for silage production is free, fast, simple and can even be done on a smart phone.  

You can apply through the EPA portal and use the guidance to give you step-by-step instructions. If you do not already have an EPA account, please sign up (at the top right of the page) when you enter the portal. The guidance also contains Frequently Asked Questions that may assist you with the application process. 

VFF UDV worked hard to achieve a free registration system for dairy farmers, as opposed to a costly and burdensome licencing system. Registration strikes the right balance between ensuring you can feed your stock while also helping to reduce the risk of harm to human health and the environment.   

For further information on waste tyres, visit the EPA website

If you have questions when applying for a registration, please contact EPA on 1800 372 842 or [email protected].