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Resources and Factsheets

Learn to ensure the welfare of your livestock and run a biosecurity safe farm whether you are thinking of owning a small farm, big farm, are a hobbyist, lifestyler, or anything in between.

Information specific only to Cattle, Sheep & Goats. These resources have been created and curated by the VFF Stock Sense team.


Everything you NEED to know.

New Trespass Laws

Changes to the Livestock Management Act simplified. Find out what you need to prosecute trespassers on the spot!

Two Essential Systems

The LPA and NLIS systems work together to ensure food safety and traceability. Learn how they work together.

What is a Biosecurity Plan?

Learn more about the 6 key parts and download templates.

Emergency Animal Diseases

Emergency Animal Diseases (EADs) can have serious implications on the livestock industry. This is a guide on how to identify them and how to deal with them.

New to Farming?

Thinking of buying livestock and unsure where to begin? Stock Sense have created booklets with key resources and information on how to get prepared.

Peri-urban packs can be mailed out upon request. Contact the Stock Sense team for more information.

Sheep & Goats

Introducing New Livestock

Need a quick guide? Each time you introduce new animals onto your property there is a risk of introducing pests or diseases. Learn what you need to do before the animal arrives, and what to do after they have arrived on your property.


Learn more about the diseases and welfare issues your livestock might face. 

Please be aware of graphic imagery.

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