Stock up with Livestock Health & Biosecurity Victoria

We want to thank you, Victoria’s red meat and fibre producers, for your support and input over the last 12 months and encourage you to get even more involved.

It’s been a busy period with the addition of a new project officer, launching a website and delivering 15 events across the state, attended by over 530 producers.

With change, such  as  the new reaccreditation process for Livestock Production Assurance (LPA), producers have an opportunity to take even more ownership  in the integrity and strength of the industry – and that’s something that excites us.

For those of you who don’t know who we are, Livestock Health & Biosecurity VICTORIA is a producer-led extension project, funded by the Cattle, and Sheep and Goat Compensation Funds and proudly delivered by the VFF Livestock Group.

The Compensation Funds were established under the Livestock Disease Control Act 1994 and collect duties on the sale of cattle, sheep and goats or their carcasses.

The funds are controlled by the Minister of Agriculture who is guided by advisory committees of livestock producers. The committees oversee that producer’s money benefits the industry through research, subsidies and projects such as ours.

We are passionate about keeping you in the know and  up-to-date  on the latest disease, animal health, welfare and biosecurity information. This includes Q fever, eID in sheep and goats, introduction of Johne’s disease Beef Assurance Score and changes to the LPA accreditation, endemic diseases and much more!

How can you get involved?

It would be great to have you involved because we rely on producers to help shape each event so they’re locally relevant. Get in touch if you have any ideas. Or, you can come along to one of our events and soak up the information from a range of expert presenters, or keep an eye out for Kimberley or I at your local field day or Farmers’ Forum.

The website – – has a range of fact sheets, upcoming events and other industry resources, as well as links to our Facebook and Twitter sites.

And perhaps most importantly, if you have a question about livestock health or biosecurity  you  can  get in touch with us by phone, email or social media.

Kimberley and I look forward to working with you across the next 12 months!