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Meeting Obligations to Protect Ramsar Wetlands

The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) thanks the Committee for this opportunity to provide comment on the Auditor-General’s report that investigated the management of Victoria’s Ramsar Wetlands in 2016. The VFF is concerned the Auditor-General found there is limited evidence to…

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Victorian Water Market Transparency Options Paper

The VFF welcomes the opportunity to provide comment on the Victorian government’s proposals to improve water market transparency. With fierce water market competition, efforts to provide additional information on the operations of the water market are essential. It is essential…

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Long Term Water Resource Assessment – Southern Victoria

The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) welcomes the opportunity to provide comment on the Long-Term Water Resource Assessment for Southern Victoria. Water Act The Water Act 1989 requires a long-term water resource assessment every 15 years to assess whether water availability…

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Proposed Solar Farms – Shepparton District

The Greater Shepparton Planning Scheme clearly identifies areas of strategic agricultural value that should be protected from loss. As there is no locational reason as to why these applications cannot be facilitated outside strategic agricultural / irrigated land, planning permission…

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