Productivity Commission Inquiry into Australia’s Maritime Logistics System

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The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Productivity Commission’s Inquiry of the Australia’s Maritime Logistics System.

The events of COVID-19 have highlighted the strategic importance of ports and shipping to Australia’s ongoing well-being and prosperity.

As an export-orientated industry, a well-functioning maritime logistics system is especially critical for Victoria’s agriculture industry that relies on the nation’s ports and shipping networks to transport their products to overseas markets.

Furthermore, Victoria’s agricultural production supply chains are highly reliant on imported inputs such as fuel, fertiliser and chemicals that are transported to Victoria by bulk and container ships.
As this paper will explore, port and maritime inefficiencies compounded by COVID are having a profound and detrimental impact on Victorian agriculture.

Recognising the pivotal role ports and shipping play in protecting Australia’s national interest, it is critical that solutions are developed to ensure the nation’s continued prosperity and well-being.
The VFF makes the following recommendations:

Recommendation 1: Strengthen stevedore pricing regulation
Recommendation 2: Strengthen port pricing and market rent regulation.
Recommendation 3: Repeal Part X of the Competition and Consumer Act and replace with a block exemption that meets minimum standard of procompetitive features.
Recommendation 4: Work with New Zealand to make North-South shipping routes more attractive to shipping lines.
Recommendation 5: Review port buffer planning provisions.
Recommendation 6: Improve capability of local governments to adequately consider characteristics and impacts of industrial activity and associated freight movements when considering zoning adjustments.

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