Emergency Fodder Support Program

Emergency Fodder Support Program

For many years now, the VFF has delivered an emergency fodder support program to help impacted landholders during a bushfire or other significant emergency event. During the 2020 catastrophic bushfires, the VFF delivered over 16,540 bales of donated hay and silage to bushfire affected farmers, emphasising that when times are tough, both the rural community, and the VFF, are here to support our farmers.

Under our agreement with the Victorian Government, the VFF is recognised as the principal partner agency to facilitate an emergency fodder relief program in the event of an emergency situation. In the event of a significant emergency, the VFF may be called upon to provide a liaison point for Victorian farming communities during the notified emergency to ensure their access to emergency fodder, in order to minimise the effects of the emergency on affected livestock.

The VFF will coordinate the supply, transportation and distribution of donated fodder to landholders impacted by an emergency such as a bushfire.

How you can assist

  • Farmers can donate fodder. The VFF will call for donations if a fodder program is activated with government.
  • Transporters must pre-register with the VFF to be eligible for a freight rebate by government. This is only available for transporters directly engaged by the VFF Emergency Fodder Program. A consignment notice issued by the VFF is required.
  • Donate to the VFF disaster relief fund to support the Victorian farming community. Funds have previously been used to provide grants for replacing fencing and infrastructure as well as other support services. Donate today by contacting VFF on 1300 882 833.

If you have any questions, please contact us by calling 1300 882 833 or emailing [email protected]