Review of the Kangaroo Harvest Management Plan

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The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) appreciates the opportunity to provide feedback on the Victorian Government’s new Kangaroo Harvest Management Plan being drafted by DEECA.

Kangaroo control is an essential process for Victorian primary producers to ensure they can limit the damage and cost inflicted onto their businesses by the pest animals. Kangaroos require harvesting to maintain a balanced environment that ensure farm businesses can be economically and ecologically sustainable, whilst also ensuring the availability and affordability of food for the community.

The VFF has long been supportive of a commercial kangaroo harvest management plan for the humane management of the kangaroo population. Feedback from our members and other primary producers indicates that although the system could be improved for efficiency, the KHMP is working as designed. However, we would like it noted that we believe there are considerable deficiencies in the assigning of the quota system, which allows harvesters to assist primary producers in controlling kangaroos.