Sunraysia irrigators – have your say on water recovery project

The Victorian Government is asking farmers to have their say on the proposed Lower Murray Water (LMW) Water Efficiency Project which aims to recover 2.5GL of water for the environment and prevent further buybacks, deliver water for Traditional Owners and improve urban water security for Mallee towns.

The Australian Government’s Off-farm Efficiency Program has made $1.54 billion in funding available for efficiency measures. The Murray Darling Basin Plan requires that all efficiency measures that recover additional water for the environment be assessed to ensure compliance with the socio-economic criteria agreed to by Basin Ministers to protect communities from further socio-economic impacts of water recovery.

The VFF is encouraging Sunraysia irrigators to read the information provided by LMW and provide your feedback through a short survey on the expected socio-economic outcomes of the project.

Consultation closes on Friday 10 December 2021 and all information can be accessed on the Engage Victoria website: