VFF and CFA join forces to host Pre-harvest Fire Safety Webinar

The VFF and the Country Fire Authority (CFA) will be hosting a fire safety webinar for the Victorian 2023-24 harvest and fire season on Wednesday 18 October at 7:00pm. Victoria is one of the most fire-prone areas in the world and with the BOM declaring Australia El Nino event conditions, it means hotter and drier forecasts are expected. This year’s agricultural activities are set to kick off a lot sooner and despite recent rains, it has elevated risks of fire ignition and spread.
Fire is a day-to-day and year-round part of farming. However, anyone living and working on the land must avoid becoming complacent about fire threat. This webinar is your opportunity to gain valuable insights from industry experts on how to understand and effectively manage agricultural fire risks.
These presentations will be followed by a moderated Q&A session. Your questions and comments are valuable in shaping the discussion. Please include any questions you would like answered by our panel when registering or email them to the VFF policy team [email protected] 
Please find the Zoom registration link to the webinar below that will start at 7:00pm Wednesday 18 October.
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Guest Presentations Include:
Minimising risk of unplanned fires when operating machinery Gavin Wright
Gavin will share valuable insights on managing header machinery during harvest and discuss how by simply talking to neighbours and receiving feedback, has helped the community prepare for fire season.
Considering risk of unplanned fires before harvest Lindsay Barry
Despite below average rainfalls for winter, grass growth is expected to be higher than usual following three years of wet La Niña conditions. Lindsay will cover Victorian Fire Danger Ratings (Fire Behaviour Index – FBI) and how the cease harvest threshold is practiced for the 2023-24 harvesting season and the farming community.
Reducing risk of haystack fires David Manifold
Whether you’re a seasoned hay grower or switching to hay this year, it’s imperative to take care of your hay and crops this fire season. David will discuss how to make sure conditions are right for making hay and for future storage and transport for farmers.
Emergency Preparedness with the VFF Making our Farms Safer Project John Darcy
Hear John discuss how the Making Our Farms Safer team can assist all Victorian farmers in understanding their responsibilities and provide guidance in areas such as managing risk and liability, farm machinery or chemical safety, and mental health.
If you have any questions or require further details, please email Leizl Dorner VFF Plant Industries Engagement Advisor at [email protected]