VFF Campaspe Branch honours Richard Anderson

Tributes flowed to former VFF Water Council Chair Richard Anderson during a special meeting of the VFF Campaspe Branch at Rochester on 7 March.

Speeches were made by GMW Manager Water Resource Management Mark Bailey, former VFF President Paul Weller, VFF Water Council Chair Andrew Leahy, VFF CEO Jane Lovell and former VFF policy advisor and dairy farmer Natalie Akers.

All speakers reflected on Richard’s exceptional knowledge of water policy and his leadership in advocating for Victorian irrigators and water users in his term as VFF Water Council Chair between 2006 to 2021.

In response, Richard said he was proud of the successes VFF had achieved during his involvement with the Water Council including the 80:20 deal on sales water and fighting for the funding of new domestic and stock water pipelines across the state.

On behalf of the VFF, Jane Lovell presented Richard with a Certificate of Appreciation to commemorate his achievements.