M4; Member Sanctions


The purpose of this policy is to establish a framework for prescribing and implementing sanctions of members following from substantiation of a complaint that has been investigated and closed in accordance with the VFF grievances policy. 


The VFF is committed to maintaining a respectful, inclusive, and safe environment for all members. In certain circumstances, it may become necessary to impose sanctions on members who violate our Constitution, Code of Conduct, internal policies, or other governing documents. Sanctions are intended to correct behaviour, protect the VFF’s interests and preserve its reputation. This policy is designed to uphold the integrity, reputation, and values of our organisation, while ensuring a fair and transparent process for imposing sanctions on members. 


3.1. Principles

3.1.1. This policy applies to all members of the organisation, including but not limited to all Members (and / or Nominees), volunteers, and elected officials. 

3.1.2. Application of this policy includes the requirement for principles of natural justice, including the right to appeal the sanction. 

3.1.3. Member sanctions are applied in accordance with the constitution and VFF Board internal policies including membership terms and conditions, code of conduct and other relevant policies as approved by the Board from time to time and published on the website. 

3.1.4. Member sanctions may include notices of warning, suspension or prohibition of member benefits without limit, but including voting rights, attendance at meetings, engagement with media, or standing for office, suspension or any member benefits, membership suspension, and show cause for and termination of a membership or member, or cancellation of a membership. 

3.1.5. Sanctions should be proportionate to the severity of the violation, and due process and the right to appeal must be observed. 

3.1.6. A sanction may only be applied following the completion and substantiation of the investigation in accordance with Policy P2 Grievances. 

3.1.7. Each sanction notice must include a description of the substantiated breach or non-compliance and the investigation process, the details of the sanction imposed and any time limits to the sanction, and the opportunity for the member to provide compelling mitigating evidence as to why an appeal against the sanction should be considered. 

3.1.8. Members that receive three Warning Notices within a 12 month period or demonstrated non-compliance with any sanctions notice shall receive a Show Cause Notice for suspension of membership. 

3.1.9. All matters related to the sanctions process will be treated with the utmost confidentiality to protect the privacy of the involved parties. 

3.2. Definitions

3.2.1. Warning notice: A written notification issued to a member to bring attention to a violation of organisation policies or conduct expectations. 

3.2.2. Prohibition notice: A temporary or permanent restriction imposed on a member, prohibiting their participation in specific activities or accessing member benefits, such as but not limited to attending meetings, voting, engaging with media, or standing for office. 

3.2.3. Suspension notice: A temporary suspension of a member’s rights and privileges within the organisation, up to and including membership. 

3.2.4. Show-cause notice: A formal requirement for a member to explain their actions or behaviour and why a sanction should not be imposed, or their membership cancelled. 

3.2.5. Revocation notice: The removal of a sanction and the prescription of any terms or conditions associated with the revocation. 

3.2.6. Membership cancellation notice: The permanent termination of a member’s affiliation with the organisation. 

3.3. Authority

3.3.1. The management of the sanction process and issuing of sanctions other than for cancellation of membership is delegated to the CEO. 

3.3.2. In accordance with the VFF constitution, the Board has the prescribed function of membership termination on the recommendation of the CEO. 

3.3.3. The Board shall consider any appeal against a sanction upon which the Board’s decision is final. 

3.3.4. The CEO shall maintain a permanent record or all implemented sanctions. 




Policy G1; VFF Strategy and Policy Framework 

Policy M1; VFF Membership 

Policy M2: member Code of Conduct