VFF partners with AgTech Angel Investor Network

We are pleased to announce a partnership between the AgTech Angel Investor Network and the Victorian Farmers Federation.

This collaboration aims to drive innovation, foster AgTech startups, and support the commercialisation of cutting-edge agricultural technologies. Together, we will ensure that AgriBusiness remains at the forefront of innovation, enabling a sustainable and prosperous future for the agriculture industry.

As members of the VFF, you understand the critical role that technology and innovation play in shaping the future of agriculture. By partnering with the AgTech Angel Investor Network, we can combine our industry knowledge, expertise, and resources to provide unparalleled support to AgTech startups.

We are excited to share that the AgTech Angel Investor Network’s “Pitch to Paddock,” will be held at the prestigious AgSmart Expo on 7th September in Bendigo. This event will serve as a platform for AgTech startups to showcase their groundbreaking innovations and gain exposure to potential investors, customers, and industry experts. It will be a unique opportunity for the VFF members to witness firsthand the transformative potential of AgTech solutions in addressing the challenges faced by the agriculture sector.

Through our partnership, we aim to bridge the gap between startups and established agricultural businesses that drive the commercialisation of AgTech innovations, creating valuable collaboration opportunities, and contributing to the growth and competitiveness of regional AgriBusiness across Victoria.

As members of the VFF, your unique insights and expertise will be invaluable in supporting startups that align with the needs and challenges faced by the agricultural community.

We are truly excited about the possibilities that this partnership holds and the positive impact we can create together. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the AgTech Angel Investor Network including at our upcoming conference on 24 and 25 July in Melbourne.