VFF Policy Council passes four new Policy Statements

At its December meeting, the VFF Policy Council has adopted policies on:

  • Childcare The VFF believes regional and rurally based Victorians must have easy access to essential basic childcare and early education services in their local community to ensure the long-term wellbeing of families and ongoing viability of regional and rural Victoria.

  • Emergency Management (Natural Hazards) The VFF seeks the acknowledgement that farms are not only a place of residence, but a place of business that are key to Victoria’s economic well-being and to ensure all Victorians access to high quality and affordable food and fibre. Many farmers will acknowledge that the easiest asset to recover on farm is a dwelling.  The VFF seeks Government recognition at all stages of emergency management of the impacts of natural hazard-based emergencies (fire, flood, storm) on farm assets supporting individual livelihoods and economic production that supports individual and community financial sustainability. 

  • Foreign Investment and Ownership The VFF recognises that foreign investment is important for Australia’s long term economic success, stability and prosperity. Foreign investment strengthens the agriculture industry by delivering needed capital to create jobs, expand skills, promote competition and create market access.   The VFF believes government policy towards foreign investment must achieve a balance between continuing to attract foreign investment and ensuring investments do not harm the national interest.

  • Health The VFF believes all farmers, rural, and regional Victorians must have access to essential basic healthcare services in their community to ensure the long-term wellbeing and health of farmers and regional, rural and remote communities.