VFF urges Senators to stand with Victorian farmers against new biosecurity tax

The VFF has contacted Victorian crossbench senators urging them to support Victorian farmers in opposition to the Albanese Government’s proposed Biosecurity Protection Levy (BPL). This action follows the recent introduction of BPL legislation to the Commonwealth Parliament.

The VFF has called on the crossbench senators to stand with Victorian farmers as the parliament starts debating the contentious BPL legislation today. We would have preferred for the legislation to have been reconsidered before it reached this critical stage. Now, we are advocating for it to be thoroughly scrutinised by a Senate Committee.

Victorian farmers are already burdened by substantial levies, which cover biosecurity services and the management of pests and diseases introduced by importers and travellers. The new tax would unfairly force farmers to subsidise the biosecurity measures that benefit international competitors importing food into Australia.

This new tax is not only unfair but also contradicts existing taxation and levy principles. We stand firm in our call for fairness and rational policy-making that genuinely considers the hard work and investment of our farming community.