VFF webinar highlights concerns over cage-free transition

The VFF Egg Group hosted a webinar recently aimed at supporting Victorian caged egg farmers.

The session delved into New Zealand’s transition to cage-free eggs, uncovering significant challenges and unintended consequences.

The event welcomed Michael Brooks, the Executive Director of the Poultry Industry Association of New Zealand (PIANZ). Brooks provided an in-depth analysis of New Zealand’s poultry industry, focusing on the government-mandated phase-out of caged eggs. This transition led to significant price hikes and a decrease in the supply of fresh eggs in New Zealand.

In response to the recent Government announcement about phasing out cages, the discussion highlighted VFF’s ongoing commitment to supporting caged egg farmers in Victoria. Eggs serve as a sustainable, affordable, and safe protein source for Victorian families. The proposed phase-out would exacerbate cost-of-living pressures and elevate biosecurity risks within the Victorian poultry industry.

The VFF is actively engaging with the Government and the broader industry to advocate for the retention of caged eggs. The VFF Egg Group remains committed to collaborating with farmers and stakeholders, advocating to the Victorian Government on behalf of caged egg farmers.

We extend our gratitude to Michael Brooks for his invaluable insights into the New Zealand poultry industry. We look forward to continuing to engage with our members and the industry moving forward.