What’s going on with LPA?

Feeling confused by all the discussion about the Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) program and biosecurity? You’re not alone! Let’s sort through the changes being implemented by industry through MLAs Integrity Systems Company.

Am I even part of LPA?

LPA is the Australian red meat industry’s Livestock Production Assurance program.

If you use NVDs you are accredited under the LPA program. Your NVD book displays the LPA logo.

Being accredited means you agree to abide by the seven rules and standards, a commitment to undertake specific practices that mean Australian red meat is safely and ethically produced.

What do I need to do and when?

From 1 October two new modules have been introduced to the LPA program: animal welfare and biosecurity. Familiarise yourself with the requirements for these modules as outlined in the information pack sent to you from the Integrity Systems Company.

In short:

  • For the new animal welfare requirements know where to find the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines, and make sure your livestock handling is consistent with the standards and guidelines.
  • For the new biosecurity requirements you need to have a farm biosecurity plan in place to minimise the risk of introducing and spreading infectious diseases, pests and weeds.

You also have to renew your accreditation to the program every three years by completing a short assessment and paying a fee. You will be notified two months before your reaccreditation is due.

You can still sell stock between now and when you’re accreditation is due for renewal.

What else is available with the changes?

  • Electronical National Vendor Decelerations (eNVDs) are freely available online, with NVD books remaining available for purchase.
  • Optional LPA Learning is available to help you understand the practices required to meet LPA requirements and prepare for the assessment.

So what does a biosecurity plan look like?

Biosecurity plan templates are a starting point and designed to help you feel comfortable meeting the new biosecurity requirements.

You can simply complete the template sent to you, or you might be able to tweak your existing record keeping methods such as diary notes, spreadsheets, software or apps to capture the relevant information.

It doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming. Our tip is to make sure it’s practical and relevant to your farm.

But I don’t have access to a computer or the internet…

You can purchase a hard copy of the optional LPA Learning, and when you’re due to complete reaccreditation you can do the assessment and pay the fee over the phone.

For more information head to VFF’s Livestock Health & Biosecurity VICTORIA’s www.lhbv.org.au