Win for farmers: Murchison rail crossing closure

A 6 km detour has been approved for upcoming Murchison rail crossing closure, saving farmers time and money.

The VFF has worked with local farmers, GrainCorp and the Department of Transport to develop an alternative detour that will minimise disruption during the upcoming Murchison Rail Crossing Closure.

Previously, local farmers who required access to the nearby Murchison GrainCorp site to deliver their grain during harvest were told that they would have to take a 38km detour to cross the rail line if they were using B-doubles.

The closure was scheduled for December despite both GrainCorp and local farmers advising the Shepparton Line Upgrade team that this would be unsuitable as it would coincide with the peak of the grain harvest delivery period and local farmers were told to ‘delay harvest’ in response to their concerns.

The new detour will allow one way access on nearby local roads to ensure heavy vehicles can safely and efficiently access the sites during harvest.

The VFF will continue to work to ensure any disruption to harvest is minimised.

You can click here to view the new detour route.

Please contact Senior Policy Advisor Annabel Mactier on 0408 567 321 if you are experiencing any issues during the rail crossing closure.