Win for growers- conditional b-double access in Hindmarsh Shire in time for harvest

The VFF welcomes Hindmarsh Shire Council’s decision to expand conditional b-double access on local roads in time for harvest.

The VFF and local farmers have worked with Hindmarsh Shire for nearly 12 months to increase b-double access on local roads to enable farmers to more efficiently transport their grain, hay and livestock to market and reduce red tape.

The changes will bring Hindmarsh Shire in line with neighbouring shires, allowing conditional access on many local roads in dry weather only and to be used for pick-up and delivery, not as a through road.

This marks a significant shift from the current b-double network where Hindmarsh Shire currently had some of the most limited gazetted access in the Wimmera Mallee. Modelling by CSIRO estimates that increased b-double access in Hindmarsh Shire will save 0.24 cents a tonne on logistic costs, with many growers set to save up to $1.20 a tonne.

The updated network map is available by clicking here.

The VFF will continue to work to improve high productivity freight access across Victoria.

Please contact Annabel Mactier, VFF Senior Policy Advisor Infrastructure and Transport on 0408 567 321 or [email protected] if you have any questions.