Behind the Steak: Sam Maconochie

After more than 150 years of rearing cattle, beef is an integral part of the Maconochie family tradition. Meet farmer Sam Maconochie, part of the team from Hopkins River Beef who takes us Behind the Farm Gate.

Q: Why did you become a farmer?

A: Sam

I chose to continue our farming family tradition (more than 150 years) because I have a passion for living and working on the land.

Q: Did you grow up dreaming of having your own farm? 

A: Sam

Certainly, growing up on a farm is a privilege and a great lifestyle. 

Q: Is it a family affair?

A: Sam

Yes, but we also have a great team of employees and contractors. 

Q: If you went a farmer, what would you be?

A: Sam

I’ve often pondered this thought.  When I left school, I undertook a finance degree and was leaning towards pursing the equity markets. 

Q: What makes your product so special?

A: Sam

We strive for excellence to benefit the land, animals and our customers.

We have a simple business model that ensures our land and animals are taken care of as a matter of priority to ensure the product we produce is as good as we can possibly create it. 

Q: What’s your farm doing to combat climate change?

A: Sam

We recycle our animal waste and apply it to our land as a soil conditioner/fertiliser. While we do use some conventional fertilisers and chemicals, we have focussed on reducing these inputs by up to 80% across the business.

We have also planted over 20,000 trees in the last few years that draw carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The simultaneous benefit that trees provide as shelter belts also compliment pasture growth which in turn sequesters more carbon.

Q: On your farm, how are you using technology?

A: Sam

We use modern machinery and equipment that is highly efficient. 

Q: What is your favourite recipe featuring your beef?

A: Sam

Nothing beats a steak cooked on the BBQ served with roast potatoes and a salad. 

Q: How do we get our hands on your product?

A: Sam

We are currently supplying direct to the public in Victoria, if you’re interested in finding out more please email [email protected] or you can find our beef in some of Melbourne’s and regional Victoria’s best restaurants and bars like Lamaro’s in South Melbourne, Donovans in St Kilda, The Bunyip in Cavendish and the Torquay Hotel.