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Behind the Farm Gate: Sunday Roast

There’s nothing better than a delicious Sunday Roast and who better to recommend the best recipe than a lamb farmer themselves? Meet Scott Young, a third-generation livestock and cropping farmer from Ballan, located roughly halfway between Ballarat and Melbourne. Q:…

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Behind the Farm Gate: Wool

Wool does much more than keep us warm on those chilly winter days and Victoria is home to some of Australia’s best quality products that can be found in all corners of the globe. Meet Steve Harrison, owner of Bindawarra…

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New Livestock Loading Ramps Standard

Late last year Standards Australia released a new Standard AS 5340 “Livestock loading/unloading ramps & forcing pens” for the industry. The Standard was created on the back of a Coronial recommendation following a fatal accident which occurred in 2013. The…

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The Facts About Q Fever

Q Fever is on the rise. Despite rarely causing clinical disease in animals, Q Fever can be transmitted from infected animals to humans. Q Fever may be undiagnosed because it can have similar symptoms to the flu, such as muscle…

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