Calls for Wild Dog Management Plan renewal a “no-brainer”

We’re calling on the Victorian Government to renew the highly successful Wild Dog Management Plan that has seen an enormous drop in wild dog attacks on livestock since launching in 2012.

VFF Livestock Group Vice-President and Tallangatta farmer Peter Star said the VFF has written to the government seeking the plan’s renewal, after 11 years of positive results protecting farmers, livestock and native wildlife from the effects of wild dogs.

“Since launching in 2012, the Wild Dog Management Plan has been instrumental in a 75 per cent reduction in livestock loss and attacks on properties neighbouring public lands in east and south-west Victoria.”

“Livestock farmers have come to rely on this plan to protect their livestock from the harrowing impacts of wild dogs and renewing it is a complete no-brainer.”

“Wild dogs cause untold damage to livestock and native wildlife, while the impact of losing livestock to wild dog attacks takes a massive toll on a farmer’s mental health.”

“Wild dog control in the three-kilometre livestock protection buffer is delivering genuine conservation outcomes. It also has positive impacts on Victoria’s dingo population by reducing the risk of crossbreeding with domestic dogs, while reducing the impacts of attacks by dingoes and wild dogs on neighbouring livestock production and domestic pets,” Mr Star said.

The VFF’s calls to renew the program come as a Victorian Government review is being undertaken in response to the Parliamentary review into ecosystem decline, which recommended that dingoes, which are considered a threatened species in Victoria, are protected across the state.

“The current Wild Dog Management Plan balances the needs of farmers and the protection of native animals. I know of incidents where native wildlife has been attacked and the only option is to euthanise the animal. I would hate to think what would happen if the program wasn’t renewed, so it’s critical that the government progresses with the plan in its current state.”

“The Wild Dog Management Plan is a nation leading initiative that is protecting both farmers and our native wildlife. The State Government have shown real leadership in championing this program which has been responsible for a significant decline in wild dog attacks over the last 11 years.”

“The VFF supports the program and will continue to engage with the government to ensure that farmers and native wildlife are protected from the ravages of wild dogs,” Mr Star said.