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Protecting our industry

The VFF is committed to ensuring Victoria has a robust and well resourced biosecurity system that sees government and industry working together to protect the agriculture industry. All farmers need to play their part in protecting biosecurity on-farm. There are simple procedures that can be undertaken to ensure this. We have brought together links to key information and resources that Victorian farmers can use to protect their on-farm biosecurity

Biosecurity signs

New laws introduced in 2022 give livestock producers the ability to prosecute people who trespass on their property if a biosecurity management plan is in place and the correct signage in displayed on farm entry points. The VFF strongly encourages farmers to ensure they have biosecurity signs displayed on entrances to their properties.

Farm biosecurity plans

The VFF urges all farmers to ensure they have up to date biosecurity management plans for their farm business. Plans can be very simple and don’t need to be exhaustive. A simple plan is an effective way to help you prevent, eliminate, and minimise biosecurity risks on-farm. You can access templates to help create a biosecurity plan from the Agriculture Victoria website.

Biosecurity courses

A range of online shourt courses are available from the Agriculture Victoria Learning Management System. These include 15 minutes courses to get you up to date on issues such as foot and mouth and lumpy skin disease awareness.

VFF Stock Sense

We help Victorian livestock producers adopt animal health and production practices that improve animal welfare and Victoria’s biosecurity status. Join in by attending events, accessing information online and getting in touch if you have a question or want to know more.

Stock Sense is co-funded by the Cattle Compensation Fund and the Sheep & Goat Compensation Fund, and is proudly delivered by the VFF.


Foot and Mouth Disease

As a result of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) spreading through Indonesia, the VFF has taken a leading role in advocating on behalf of Victorian farmers to ensure improved preparedness and response. We have also worked with Agriculture Victoria and other partners to ensure farmers have the information they need.


Lumpy Skin Disease

With the rise of Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) in Indonesia, the VFF continues to advocate on behalf of Victorian cattle producers and our dairy industry to ensure the disease does not enter Australia. Producers can learn more about LSD and the government’s response on the DAFF (Cwth) website.

Varroa mite

A Control Area Order remains in place for the state of Victoria. This means all movement of bees and bee products (with the exception of processed honey and wax) is being regulated in order to prevent the entry and establishment of Varroa mite