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We help Victorian livestock producers adopt animal health and production practices that improve animal welfare and Victoria’s biosecurity status. Join in by attending events, accessing information online and getting in touch if you have a question or want to know more.

Stock Sense is co-funded by the Cattle Compensation Fund and the Sheep & Goat Compensation Fund, and is proudly delivered by the Victorian Farmers Federation.

For advice on animal health, welfare and biosecurity, get in touch with the Stock Sense team via [email protected]

Events and Workshops

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Key Livestock Information

Key animal health and biosecurity information for livestock producers in Victoria.

Biosecurity Planning
Biosecurity Planning

Information on biosecurity planning for LPA & JBAS.

eID in Sheep & Goats
eID in Sheep & Goats

Information on electronic NLIS tags in Victoria.

Fire Recovery
Fire Recovery

Bushfire response information for livestock owners.

Small Farm Owners
Small Farm Owners

The legal responsibilities for livestock owners.

Farm Biosecurity
Farm Biosecurity

What is farm biosecurity and why it’s important for farmers.

Resources and Fact Sheets

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Stock Sense News

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