Foot and Mouth Disease Webinar: catch-up recording and resources

A big thank you to those of you who tuned into our recent webinar to discuss Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD).

It was our largest ever webinar with over 1,200 fellow audience members. It was a clear demonstration of not only the concerns in the community, but also the willingness to do all we can, as an industry to keep us FMD free.

You can access a recording of the session below:


Please note, we are also working on answering all of the questions that we didn’t get to. You can view the questions that have been answered here.

We are so thankful for our ongoing relationship with Telstra which supported us to deliver this webinar.

Your support during this time is critical and now more than ever, it’s important you support your state farming organisation and become a member to ensure initiatives such as this can continue.