Have your say on 1080

The Victorian Government has commissioned a survey into the use of 1080 by Quantum Market Research, which has been posted and emailed to all authorised 1080 users in Victoria. 

The survey forms part of Agriculture Victoria’s delivery of the Government’s program to investigate the use of 1080 and alternative pest animal control methods, as part of the Backing Victoria’s World-Class Producers to Grow election commitment.​

The VFF would encourage all members that receive this survey to take part in order to demonstrate the importance of 1080 in controlling feral and pest animals.

Your input will provide important insights into the use of 1080 and alterative pest animal control techniques in Victoria. The VFF has consistently backed the use of 1080 to control foxes and other pest animals and will be advocating for its continued use into the future

Quantum Market Research will provide Agriculture Victoria a report after the survey is completed. All survey responses will be de-identified before being provided to Agriculture Victoria. Researchers from the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action will then analyse the information and do further desk-based research.

You have until the 2 June 2024 to complete the survey. Further information about the survey is available on the Agriculture Victoria website.