Hundreds of farmers take to the steps of State Parliament

Hundreds of farmers, including VFF members took to the steps of Victorian Parliament in Melbourne earlier this week in opposition to the proposed VNI West and Western Renewables Link transmission projects.

VFF President Emma Germano said the state’s peak farming lobby supports farming voices heard by the rally organisers.

“The Andrews government has failed to adequately plan for the transition to renewable energy and it’s completely unacceptable that farmers and our regional communities are set to pay the price.”

“Farmers and regional communities have been taken for a ride since these projects were announced and I’m not surprised that frustration is leading directly to Spring Street.”

Ms Germano added that in addition to the rally, the VFF has launched a petition to the Victorian Parliament calling for the VNI West and Western Renewables Link transmission projects to be stopped.

“The government can’t continue to ignore the mounting opposition to these planned projects and they must act immediately and reassess, before they do irreversible damage to Victoria’s food bowl.”

“I’d encourage all community members to share the petition and sign it as soon as possible. It’s important that original copies of the signed petitions are sent back to the VFF head office so they can be tabled in Parliament,” Ms Germano said.

CLICK HERE to watch VFF President Emma Germano speak at the rally.