VFF powers up petition to halt transmission projects  

Media Releases » VFF powers up petition to halt transmission projects  

The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) has launched a petition to the Victorian Parliament calling for the VNI West and Western Renewables Link transmission projects to be stopped.

VFF President Emma Germano said the petition seeks to make the state’s political leaders take notice of decisions that are impacting Victorian farmers and their communities.

“The VFF is calling for an immediate stop to all activities related to the planning and construction of the Western Renewables Link and VNI-West transmission projects.”

“We’re hoping to deliver a message to government from hundreds of people that these projects must be stopped and reassessed, before it’s too late.”

“It’s clear the Victorian Government has failed to adequately plan for the transition to renewable energy and this will have big impacts on food and fibre production and regional communities.”

“What’s worse is the appalling treatment of farmers and regional communities and the failed consultative approach undertaken by energy authorities and the government.”

Ms Germano said action needed to be taken by the Andrews Government to properly plan for the renewable energy transition.

“As the VFF has repeatedly said, a state-wide plan for transmission infrastructure that protects agricultural production and the rights of landowners must be developed.”

“We want to see the planning powers of the Australian Energy Market Operator rescinded and for the government take full responsibility for planning of transmission infrastructure.”

Ms Germano said government must look at all alternatives to the current projects, including the plan set out by the Victorian Energy Policy Centre.

“We should not be forced into a conversation over a choice to produce food and fibre or to keep the lights on.”

“There are alternatives on the table that ensure minimal disruption to regional communities and agricultural production, whilst also ensuring we are delivering our energy targets.”

Ms Germano said the petition is currently being circulated amongst communities impacted by the proposed transmission projects.

“I’d encourage all community members to share the petition and sign it as soon as possible. It’s important that original copies of the signed petitions are sent back to the VFF head office so they can be tabled in Parliament.”

Click here to access and download a copy of the petition.