Key commitments needed to manage wild dogs

We’re calling for a number of key government commitments to ensure farmers have confidence and certainty following last month’s shock announcement to lift the unprotection order for dingos in north west Victoria.

VFF President Emma Germano in a recent meeting explained in detail to Victorian Minister for Agriculture, Ros Spence the dire situation facing some farmers and outlined a number of recommendations to avoid a repeat of the current situation.

“We warned that lifting the unprotection order for dingos in the north west would result in livestock maulings and deaths and sadly that’s exactly what’s happened.”

“The blindsided nature of this announcement left farmers and communities completely unprepared and that’s simply not good enough,” Ms Germano said.

In response, the VFF recently tabled the below to the Victorian Government, including:

• A commitment to re-establish the Wild Dog Management Advisory Committee to help ensure future decisions are informed directly by the knowledge and experience of livestock producers.

• A commitment to support and fund wild dog management activities that give farmers and communities the suite of tools which are proven to achieve outcomes.

• A commitment to support producers in the north west with relevant information; to provide expeditated decision making and granting of Authority to Control Wildlife permits; and an expedited review of the government’s revocation of the unprotection order.

Ms Germano urged local farmers to report all interactions with wild dogs to Agriculture Victoria, to place further pressure on the Victorian Government to act.

“We know this decision is leading to more wild dog attacks on livestock. To help build the case for action, it’s crucial that farmers report all interactions with wild dogs to Agriculture Victoria, especially attacks on livestock and the number of stock impacted.”

“Farmers in the north west can also apply for Authority to Control Wildlife permits to manage dingos through the Victorian Government.”

“It’s a sorry state of affairs when it’s left to us farmers to demonstrate the destruction of this decision, rather than consulting with us before it actually happens. Our goal is to directly show the government that their actions have consequences and to trigger an urgent rethink,” Ms Germano said.