Industry and government act quickly to respond to Salmonella incident

Media Releases » Industry and government act quickly to respond to Salmonella incident

The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) Egg Group commends government departments and industry bodies for acting swiftly on an isolated Salmonella incident at a Victorian farm.

“This incident is very concerning, but we’re glad to see how quickly and effectively government health and agricultural departments have responded,” said Brian Ahmed, VFF Egg Group Vice President.

“The affected farm has been quarantined to control the impact and protect neighbouring farms, and the farm operators are working closely with relative authorities.

“Surveillance and prevention of Salmonella will continue to be a key part of the industry’s quality assurance system.

“The Victorian Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Charles Milne has indicated that there is a potential link to a recent Salmonella outbreak in New South Wales. We will follow this investigation closely to understand if there is an issue in the interstate supply chain that has led to this incident.

“Consumers should check the government’s food standards website for an updated list of recalled brands. If you do have a carton of recalled eggs, please do not consume the eggs, but return them to the supermarket from which they came for a full refund.

“This is also a timely reminder for consumers to follow safe food handling basics for eggs, and all perishable products. Please buy clean and undamaged eggs, refrigerate at home, and cook thoroughly before eating.

“While this is a disappointing incident, Australian consumers can confidently eat Victorian eggs with the knowledge that it is a well regulated industry with a very good track record and we produce some of the safest eggs in the world,” said Mr Ahmed.

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